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Maximize your savings online.

Giant Savings takes couponing to the next level by providing users with an easy to use coupon list they can use to save as they browse. Savings in a single click.

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Every coupon available at your disposal.

The sad truth about online shopping is the most people are spending money they don't have to. All of the big name retailers are putting out multiple coupons and discount codes every week, but if you aren't signed up with each individual retailer or go to a coupon site every single time you shop online, you're going to miss out on big savings.

Shop Smarter. Have the coupons come to you.

Install GIANT SAVINGS and you won't have to go out of your way to get coupons ever again. Our coupon menu appears on every retailer we have coupons for, so you may even find a way to save on sites you didn't even know ran coupon sales.

Get started now and you'll start seeing these savings as soon as you restart your browser!